Poetry Fiction - An Introduction to the Elements of Creative Writing

Breaking Rules, Breaking Through currently meets Saturdays, 1pm at the Newberry, from September 24 to November 12, 2011 (8 sessions).

According to Brooke, the course will spotlight such literary structures as suspense, conflict, figures of speech, point of view, rhyme and rhythm, setting and scene, form and structure, diction and dialog, exposition, narration, plot and theme. But the accent this time around will be on employing these structures and processes from a more experimental framework:

"Blocked? Bored? Want to produce something outside the box? Learn how contemporary writers in every genre—from poetry and theater to mystery novels and memoirs—are drawing inspiration from experimentation. A continuation of the popular Elements of Creative Writing seminars, this workshop is open to all writers at all levels and newcomers are welcome. Inventive assignments and lively discussions of participants’ work will give you the chance to break free of stale writing techniques, be inspired by the experiments of others in the class, and get feedback on your own work."

The course has just started but already looks like another success, with a full complement of writers from all walks of life interested in a cross-section of genres!

And in an effort to help organize the texts that will be submitted to the class, this web site has been created to lend a hand and further the interaction of all our participants. As web master, I'll be responsible for posting assignments here, gathering up any special announcements having to do with the course itself (or other noteworthy items of interest to the class), and displaying works that have been submitted by our wonderful workshop writers.

*Everyone who wants something added to the site should be sure to email me a digital copy of their text, and be sure your full name is included so I get the attribution correct. And of coure send me a note if you see that something is incorrect, or if you want to add, modify or delete any of your work or announcements.

Let's Have Fun...and Keep Writing!

—johnny petroshius